Burg Eltz Castle

If you haven’t heard about Burg Eltz Castle you should definitely search for it on Pinterest. The most beautiful images will come up on your screen and it doesn’t even reflect the true beauty of the castle.

The castle is totally isolated and it feels like it’s located in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t do much research before our visit, just that you can take a shuttle bus from the parking area to the castle during opening hours or you can walk through the forest. We decided to go around 6pm to try and avoid the crowds and this was the best decision! We were however NOT prepared for how far into the forest this castle was. We parked our car at the first parking area and didn’t know there’s another parking area closer to the castle, so learn from our mistake haha. We walked and walked and walked and at one stage I told Sidney let’s turn around it’s way too far for Liam he’s getting tired. Of course Sidney put Liam on his shoulders and said nope let’s go, you will regret it if you turn around now.

Let me tell you the walk was SO worth it!! I would do it again and again. The setting of the castle is absolutely unique and it’s right out of a medieval fairytale.

We arrived just in time to see the sun set over the forest with the golden light highlighting the Castle. Enough talking from my side, I’ll let the photos do the rest…









Thank you so much for reading.

Lots of Love





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