A few ways to wear Combat Boots

I’ve been gushing over combat boots for a while now. I love how it just transforms any outfit and gives it a cool, edgy and chic vibe. It’s a great staple boot to have in your wardrobe and I think anyone, regardless of your style, can find a way to wear them.

After looking at different chunky boots for quite a while (I can sometimes be very indecisive especially when something is expensive) I finally decided to buy a pair of Dr Martens. So glad I purchased these beauties.

For me comfort is key when it comes to any type of shoe, and that’s exactly what my docs are all about…..just super, super comfy!! I’ve been living in these boots since the day I received my order from ASOS and it feels like I’ve had them forever. Btw if you haven’t ordered anything from ASOS yet, be sure to check them out here. I love ASOS! They ship worldwide, it’s convenient and they have a great variety of brands to choose from.

I’ve put together different outfits to give you a few ideas of how to style combat boots. If you like to dress very feminine and romantic these type of boots look great with flowy dresses and you can also wear them with a cute, frill sock to add a softer element. It creates balance and that’s one thing I love to create when getting dressed or styling someone. You can use these boots to transition summer pieces into fall and winter ready pieces, BUT these boots are so versatile and looks great during spring and summer as well. I love styling dresses and skirts with chunky boots, I think it looks awesome.

Love wearing them with jeans and leggings. Make sure to show them off and not to pull the hem down over the boots. If possible wear cropped jeans but if you don’t have a pair then use your creativity and roll your denim into cuffs. If it’s too cold you can wear printed stockings under your jean, that way it won’t be freezing cold when you roll your denim into cuffs but it will also add an extra element to your outfit. When styling your skinny jeans, just wear the boots over the jeans. Chunky boots makes a statement and you don’t want to hide them! Plain basics like a denim styled with a white tee and a cardigan looks super chic when adding combat boots. You’ll make your outfit stand out without spending lots of time trying to figure out what to wear.

Also see below different combat boots that I’ve put together for all budgets. I’ve also linked all the boots on my LIKEtoKNOWit profile! Everything doesn’t need to be quality investment pieces. It all depends on your style, your personality and what you will wear all the time. Once you have your wardrobe basics it is fun to add seasonal trendy pieces, or to try items that might not always be your number 1 pick. Sometimes you might be surprised about how much you enjoy wearing something that might be out of your comfort zone. So go on, have a look at the outfits I styled below and if you’ve considered buying combat boots I hope that I have convinced you to give it a try!

Photo 11.11.18, 15 25 30

Photo 11.11.18, 15 24 50

Photo 11.11.18, 15 13 36

Photo 11.11.18, 15 10 02


Photo 11.11.18, 14 41 09

Photo 11.11.18, 14 39 25

Combat Boots 2

Combat Boots

Just a HUGE thank you to all the LOVE I’ve received on the amazing Liketoknow.it app! You guys are amazing. If you don’t have the app yet you are missing out! You can download it for free over here. It’s a great place for inspiration from amazing, talented influencers and if you love online shopping this is a must. You can also follow me on the app and instantly shop all my looks that I link on the app. I’ve also linked all the boots that I love on the app, just click on the 2 pics above.

Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love



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