Blausee, Switzerland

On our recent trip to Switzerland we spent an afternoon at Blausee. This lake and the setting is right out of a fairytale. It’s a very small lake located inside a 20 hectare nature park in Bernese Oberland.

The first glimpse of the lake was a WOW moment for me. From the ticket office you have to walk about 5 minutes through the forest until you reach the lake. The crystal clear blue water is truly magnificent.

It’s child friendly with walkways, a playground and a picnic area with fireplaces and firewood. You can also take a glass-bottom boat trip and have lunch or a coffee at the Blausee restaurant with a lovely outside terrace overlooking the lake with its unique backdrop.

What makes this place even more magical is the myth about the glorious blue colour of the water. A young maiden and a shepherd who lived nearby was madly in love and spent many moonlight evenings at the lake on a boat. The shepherd died after falling from a cliff. The young maiden was brokenhearted and cried many tears over the love of her life every night from a boat on the lake. One day she was found at the bottom of the lake, with the color of the water much different than before. The water turned blue because of the many tears that left her blue eyes. There is a statue of the maiden in the lake that you can see when walking over the little bridge.

If you visit Bern, Interlaken or the surrounding area it’s a must see for the entire family.

Enjoy the pics!











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