Leather Earring Love

Hi Guys!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend with your loved ones!

Today we are featuring Earrings by Scherry-Lee on The Gooseberry Blog. Big Yeah!!! I am so excited about this handmade genuine leather earring range.

I love to complete my outfits by adding accessories of all sorts. This can be used to add a focal point or a pop of colour to any outfit. I adore big statement earrings but it can get heavy after a couple of hours and therefore I don’t wear it on a daily basis. Style is personal, but if you like beautiful earrings that’s light and unique, then you definitely need a pair of earring from this range. It’s so lightweight that I sometimes forget I’m wearing earrings until someone compliments me on them. It’s the perfect everyday earring but can also be used for a more glamorous look when paired with the correct outfit.

SherryLee Earings_0911

A few minutes with Earrings by Scherry-Lee…….

Tell us more about Scherry-Lee.

I’m a mom of 2 gorgeous boys, a wife to my awesome husband, a hairstylist from Pretoria East and now I have my own earring range 😀

What is the inspiration behind your earring range?

I’ve always had a love for jewellery and especially earrings. I’m constantly buying new earrings. I decided to design and make my own range, so I have new earrings all the time! 😊

All your friends know you as a fashionista. You always look incredible. Where did your love for the fashion industry start?

I’ve had a passion for fashion since a young girl…always tried to stay with the trend and mix and match outfits to see what goes. From casual to dressing up with heels. During my time in London I learnt even more about fashion, they are so trendy!

How can people buy your earrings?

They can contact me directly on scherrylees@gmail.com or DM me on Instagram to place orders, or become a stockist of my earring range! I’m currently in Marmelade in Bloemfontein, Style Loft Silver Lakes, and absolutely blessed to have my range all the way in beautiful Germany by Lanese an absolute fashion icon, and stockist!

Can we expect new things from Earrings by Scherry-Lee in the future?

You absolutely can! I will be adding new posts on my Instagram page on how and what outfits you can pair with my earring range..whether it be casual or dressed up..with new colours of my range to be added weekly..😀


SherryLee Earings_2111

I am excited to share that we have teamed up with Earrings by Scherry-Lee for a fantastic GIVEAWAY! This week you can WIN THE FOLLOWING 3 PAIRS OF EARRINGS FROM EARRINGS BY SCHERRY-LEE!! Don’t miss out on this amazing prize. Go to The Gooseberry Blog on Facebook to enter and stand a chance to win.


You can also show some love by giving her a follow on Instagram by clicking right here.

Thank you so much for reading.

Lots of Love






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