Liam’s Family Photo Wall


For the past few weeks Liam has been talking about missing our family back home. He’s not been to South-Africa for the past 7 months and for him that’s a long time. We try to take him to South-Africa a couple of times a year. It’s important for us that he doesn’t miss out on making memories with family while we live in another country. We are also fortunate to have our families come visit us very often.

When we get into the car to drive somewhere there’s a good chance that he will ask me in his most excited tone of voice “Are we going to the airport mommy?” We have a house in St. Francis, South-Africa that is built on pillars…….“When can we go to my house in the sky mommy?” “Can we please go to Oupa Francois on the farm today?” “Can I please go see the pick-up truck at Oupa Leon’s petrol station?”

These are the type of questions I get asked when he’s missing family and South-Africa. Sometimes it makes me also miss my family, but most of the time I’m just really grateful that he’s got so many wonderful memories at his young age of 3.

One of my favourite things to do is taking photos. I take way too many photos on my iphone, but I love the story it tells. Liam and I decided to make a family photo wall in his room to let him remember special family memories. He was such a little champ picking out his favourite photos and deciding where each photo should go up on the wall.












Liam and I will be flying to South-Africa in November to visit my parents that lives on a farm. He loves all the animals, the tractors and adores my mom’s two pug dogs called Hugo and Coco. My talented sister, Minette made him this little calendar that he ticks off every morning until we fly to South-Africa in November. It’s a daily highlight at the moment!

IMG_6811 - 2


To all my fellow mommies if your kids don’t have a family photo wall, please let them make one ladies! I think it’s a great way to keep family and special people close, no matter where you live. It’s easy, not expensive at all and lots of fun doing it together! Liam looks at his photos before he goes to bed at night and always tells us a story or two about what he remembers.

While taking photos for this post in his room, Liam asked me to take a few photos of him playing in his room (yes he loves photos….I wonder where he gets that from haha). Enjoy the pics!





He loves his Teepee from My Tiny Teepee…..I think no toddlers room is quite complete without one!

IMG_6836 - 2

IMG_6848 - 2

IMG_6859 - 2

Thank you so much for reading!

Lots of Love




13 thoughts on “Liam’s Family Photo Wall

  1. Hoe mis ons julle nie nou nie😭😭 so spesiaal dat jy dit alles met hom doen dat hy ons nie vergeet nie. Sien julle amper❤️


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