A first time for everything ~ My first blog post

I’m a small town girl by heart and soul. I was born and raised in beautiful South-Africa, a rainbow nation and one that I love.

I met my gorgeous husband and best friend, Sidney, while we both were studying at Stellenbosch University in the beautiful Cape Winelands. After graduating, we decided to pack our bags and discover what the world has to offer us. With only a 23kg suitcase each and my totally overweight hand luggage we stepped onto the plane and boarded for London, England. This was my first time visiting another country and truly one of the best decisions of my life. The first few months weren’t always easy. Walking from one interview to the next trying to find a job in a big city, finding an apartment that we could afford and of course missing home. After all that was sorted we booked our first trip to France and that was the start of our travel journey. Sidney and I just absolutely LOVE to travel. It’s one of our favourite things to save for and we always end up having the best time and wanting to go back again. I mean, there’s no time to be bored in our beautiful world…right?

About 6 years later we decided to leave the City that became our home. With a lot of gratefulness and happy tears we said goodbye to lifelong friends, packed a container full of belongings and stepped onto a plane with our most precious gift of all, our baby boy Liam.


Our next adventure took us to the Middle East and our new home became Doha, Qatar. Even though Doha never really felt like home to me, I was blessed with the most amazing group of girlfriends (You know who you are!). We all stayed in a beautiful area called The Pearl, Qatar. We were all stay at home moms, our kids very similar in age and together we had wonderful times exploring Qatar and being there for each other. Doha was a good base to travel from and while living here Liam became a little traveller. He loves to fly and that makes life really easy for me! After 3 years we decided that we’ve had enough of the desert and the heat and Sidney accepted a job offer in Germany.







We are now newbies in Germany and blessed to stay in a small town in the countryside. What I love about this town so far is that Liam can play outside in the fresh air and have fun with other local and international kids in a selection of play parks. We can walk to the parks or the shops and my husband drives to work on his bicycle and don’t have to sit in traffic for hours getting home. Overall it’s just a great place for a good family life and a great location to travel Europe as a family. Feeling pretty blessed and even though we miss our family back home we had to say yes to this adventure.






I’ve been wanting to start a blog for some time now, but I actually think of myself as quite a shy person and I’ll always try to find a reason why not to put myself out of this comfort zone of being shy. We often push back from doing things in our life in fear of what other people might think or say. And starting this blog was definitely one of those moments for me.  The love for sharing our adventures and what I love in life won the battle and therefore today I am excited to say that I will be starting to figure out this thing called blogging and I hope you will enjoy this journey with me. My blog will be all about what I love and find interesting in life, travel, fashion, pretty things and my most important career of being a mommy.

I hope sharing snippets of my life will somehow make you smile, inspire you to travel or just touch your life in a beautiful way.

Thanks so much for reading!



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